In Memoriam

Holden JeanetteDr. Jeanette Holden was a long-time active and dedicated member of the KFASD Board. As a Queen’s genetics professor known for her research into autism, she worked tirelessly teaching, presenting, and advocating on autism issues.

Jeanette became interested in autism specifically because her brother has autism. Her passion and dedication to science, learning, and community were powerfully felt by those around her. She maintained close connections with international research groups, university teams, community organizations, and the families she encountered in her research. She also advocated strongly for improved healthcare and education options for the autistic population.

Jeanette trained alongside David Suzuki on her way to a post-doctorate degree. She also served many years on the boards of both Autism Ontario and the Autism Society of Canada. She also served as program director of the Autism Spectrum Disorders — Canadian-American Research Consortium (ASD-CARC).

To members of the KFASD board, Jeanette was a inspiring, insightful, and very dear friend who helped create the KFASD vision and carry out our mission. We miss her very much.