What Is Eligible?

The Kingston Foundation for Autism Spectrum Disorders is interested in funding projects that will provide assistance to a large number of families.  Because of the limited funds available, projects directed at providing service for single individuals cannot be considered at this time.  Instead, we encourage the development of projects that will serve a minimum of 5 individuals/families (Pilot or Demonstration Projects) and projects aimed at providing resources for larger numbers of individuals or families (Workshops, Conferences, Resource Centre Items, etc).

Types of projects that will be considered:

  1. Demonstration Projects (Pilot Projects)
  2. Workshops, conferences
  3. Structured Summer or other Programs
  4. Resource Items

Who Is Eligible for Funding?

Applicants must be: 

  • Incorporated not-for-profit organizations, branches, chapters or member agencies of a provincial network must submit a signed letter from the provincial organization authorizing the application and accepting responsibility for the grant.
  • A registered charity with Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. A tax receipt on behalf of the project for which the grant has been requested must be issued – or First Nations initiatives through a Band Council resolution.
  • Collaborative or organizations, containing at least one eligible member may apply. A collaborative is a group of two or more organizations working to achieve a common goal. There must be a mutual benefit, shared decision-making, and accountability among members and to the community they serve.

Collaborative members will demonstrate how they will work together as part of their application.

For application purposes, one incorporation or otherwise eligible organization must take the lead as the applicant on behalf of the collaborative. Collaborative partners may include unincorporated groups.

To request a grant application form, please contact Paula Ball at

 Application deadline is April 5th, 2019